Understanding the Legal Complexities of Truck Accidents

Truck Accident

Truck on the road

If you or a loved one have been in a truck accident, you may not be sure what you need to do going forward, and you may be inundated by a lot of information without a lot of clarity on how to use that information. Trucks are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road, which is why being informed about how the complexities of these accidents are so beneficial.

Our personal injury law firm in Santa Ana understands the intense emotional and physical consequences that a truck accident can have, and we want to give you the best information to ease some of that suffering and make it easier for you to get compensation and understand what goes into a truck-related lawsuit.

The High Cost of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be more severe because of the sheer size of trucks, and these accidents can lead to severe injury and even fatality. Trucks’ extra force not only causes more damage to cars, but it also causes more serious injuries. Even at low speeds, injuries from a truck accident can still be severe.

The number of truck-related injuries remains high despite the many regulations to reduce these injuries. Unfortunately, most truck-related injuries happen to occupants who are not in trucks.

Beyond the force of the trucks themselves, some trucks may have cargo that does further damage to other vehicles or even bystanders. Trucks may carry flammable or hazardous materials, and these materials are more likely to cause explosions or future health effects. Injuries can have devastating consequences, but they are not the only high costs of truck accidents.

The physical injuries are most concerning, but a truck accident can cause significant other damages. For example, trucks can do extensive property damage because of their large size.

Truck accidents come with many complexities that can worsen outcomes for those who have been harmed in these accidents.

Complex Conditions in a Truck Accident

Another factor you should understand is that many truck accidents have extra considerations you need to remember when embarking on a truck accident personal injury case. These considerations often add extra layers to these cases, and lawyers have the education and experience to better understand these complications.

Truck drivers have additional regulations that they have to follow. This means that their duty of care for other drivers is higher than it is for regular drivers. These regulations dictate steps trucking companies must take to ensure safe driving for truck drivers. If these regulations are not followed, the truck drivers and even the trucking companies may be accountable for damages.

A truck accident may have a lot of parties involved. In these accidents, you have the drivers involved and their insurance companies, but you also add trucking companies with interests they want to protect. Other parties like the truck manufacturer or the company that maintains the truck may also be involved in legal actions. Figuring out what caused the accident and who should pay can become a complex web that individuals may struggle to untangle.

Truck companies and all the other parties don’t want to pay out more money than they have to pay, and they have lawyers of their own to protect their corporate interests and bottom line. No one wants to hand over more money than they have to, and most individuals don’t have the resources or energy to resist and counter lowball offers.

That’s where a law firm comes in. We advocate for our client’s rights and make sure their voices are heard. Because there are so many parties involved in truck accidents, strong communication skills, and high organization is required to negotiate settlements and determine the fault in the accident. When more people are involved, situations naturally become more complicated, so having a law firm can create clarity and manage all that communication in these complicated scenarios.

Unique Causes of Truck Accidents

What causes truck accidents slightly varies from what causes most other accidents. For example, the FMCSA researched the causes of truck accidents, and while many of the same causes apply to regular vehicle accidents, certain issues are more prominent in truck accidents. For example, while drug or alcohol use is not a common cause of truck accidents, truck defects and other mechanical issues are more common. Furthermore, the unwieldiness of the truck can also cause an accident because a truck driver has less ability to react and adjust if something starts to go wrong.

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